2001 Spirit Plus 2K
2001 Spirit Plus 2K


Overview This is a pure sine wave stand-alone inverter/charger system combining the function of inverter, solar charger and AC charger, and provides a long run-time uninterruptible power supply. Its comprehensive LCD display provides system status, and user-friendly panel eases parameters settings. 

Key Feature

 1. High-frequency switching technology for compact size and light weight 

2. Pure sine wave output for wide range of applications and harsh environment 

3. Build-in solar charger controller with MPPT technology to optimize the power utilization 

4. High efficient DC-to-AC conversion minimizing energy loss 

5. Standby Charging Mode enables battery charging even when the unit is switched off 

6. Intelligent cooling fan control 

7. Input/output isolated design for the maximum operation safety 

8. LCD displays comprehensive operation status 

9. Configurable AC input voltage range and priority for AC input or PV input 

10. Supports Home Appliances / Office Equipment/ Lighting Equipment/ Motor-based Equipment (such as Fan, Air-Conditioner, Washing Machines) 

11.Thorough protections: Input low voltage / Overload / Short circuit / Low battery alarm / Input over voltage / Over temperature 

12.Supports both rack and wall-mounting set-up for flexible installation 


Line Mode Specifications
Model 2000 Spirit 2K 2001 Spirit Plus 2K
Rating 2KW/2KVA-24VDC 2KW/2KVA-24VDC
Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal(Utility or generator)
Nominal Input voltage 230Vac
Low Loss Voltage 170Vac ±7V (UPS)
90Vac ± 7V (Appliances)
Low loss Return Voltage 180Vac±7V(UPS)
High Loss Voltage 280Vac±7V
High Loss Return Voltage 270Vac±7V
Max AC Input Voltage 300Vac
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Auto detection)
Low loss Frequency 40±1Hz
Low loss Return Frequency 42±1Hz
High loss frequency 65±1Hz
High loss Return frequency 63±1Hz
Output short circuit protection Breaker
Efficiency (Line Mode) >95% (Rated R Load, Battery full charged)
Transfer time 10ms typical (UPS) / 20ms typical (Appliances)

Inverter  Mode Specifications
Model 2000 Spirit 2K 2001 Spirit Plus 2K
Rated Output power 2KW/2KVA
Cold start Voltage 23.0Vdc
Low DC Warning Voltage 22.0Vdc @ load < 20% / 21.4Vdc @ load ≥ 20%
Low DC Warning Return Voltage 23.0Vdc @ load < 20% / 22.4Vdc @ load ≥ 20%
Low DC Cut-off Voltage 21.0Vdc @ load < 20% / 20.0Vdc @ load ≥ 20%
High DC Recovery Voltage 31.0 Vdc
High DC Cut-off Voltage 32.0 Vdc
THDV <3% for linear load, <5% for non-linear load @ nominal voltage
DC Offset ≤100mV
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage Regulation 230Vac±5%
Output Frequency 50Hz
Peak Efficiency 93%
Overload Protection 5s@>150% load; 10s@110%~150% load
Surge Capacity 2xrated power for 5 seconds
Nominal DC Input Voltage 24Vdc

Charge Mode Specifications
Model 2000 Spirit 2K 2001 Spirit Plus 2K
Utility Charging Mode 3 steps
AC charging Current 10/25Amp
Bulk Charging Voltage
Flooded Battery 29.2Vdc
AGM / Gel Battery 28.2Vdc
Floating Charging Voltage 27.4Vdc
MPPT Solar Charging Mode
Maximum PV Array power NA 1000W
Charging Current NA 40Amp
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range NA 30Vdc~75Vdc
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage NA 75Vdc
max charging current 25Amp 65Amp
(AC charger plus solar charger)
General Specifications
Model 2000 Spirit 2K 2001 Spirit Plus 2K
Safety Certification CE
Operating Temperature Range 10°C~50°C
Storage Temperature 15°C~60°C
Dimension (DxWxH)mm 126x300x360
Net Weight kg(MPPT model) 6.8 7.2

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