Performance made Affordable

Designed for the SOHO segment, the mCab series is a reliable choice for building a high performance system with options of variety of front panels and colors. mCab Chassis are equipped with Front USB, Audio, Mic and optional cooling fans on front & rear panel.  Designed for easy maintenance, expansion and future upgrade, mCab series supports a range of motherboards and has multi expansion slots.


Case Measure L335 x W175 x H345mm
Material Heavy duty Steel (0.4~0.45mm)
Motherboard supporting Micro ATX
Drive Slot 5.25" External Drive x 2, 3.5" Internal Drive x 1, 3.5"hidden x 4
Expansion Slots 4
Front USB port Available
Front Head Phone/ Mic Ports  Available
Heat Vent  CPU/PCI Graphic Heat Vent
Cooling Fan 1 set 80/120mm * 80/120mm in Front Wall & 1 set 80mm * 80mm in Back Wall (Optional)
Color Black / Silver / Red
Form Factor ATX
Power Supply Choose from Mercury SMPS range

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