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+If I flash BIOS failed, how do I recover it?
+I update the BIOS. But after I restart the system, it appear below message. How Do I recover the BIOS?
+My M/B could not power on or after power on there is no display. What shall I do?
+Why I can not record sound but see the picture?
+Why do I hear TV sound, but see no video display?
+KT133a FSX USB Pin Define
+There is a jumper for FP_AUDIO on my motherboard. How can I connect it to chassis?
+Why does system seem unstable after updating BIOS?
+Sometimes I hear different continuous beeps from computer after system boots up.
+What is the difference between SD and Multimedia cards? Which is faster?
+Why I can't download cards larger than 32M from my HP camera to W2K/XP?Why does it say card needs to be formatted when trying to download to W2K/XP?
+PVCLE266M-L motherboard does not boot after installation of XP SP2.
+What CPU is supported on PVM800M7 V 1.0 motherboard
+What is the shared VGA Memory size on KVM266PM-U Motherboard
+I get NO POWER / NO DISPLAY on KVM266PM-U motherboard with onboard 1800 CPU
+How do I upgrade the BIOS on KVM266PM-U ver 3.0 motherboard to support Sempron CPU ?
+Does My motherboard KVM266PM-U support SEMPRON CPU ?
+How to get photo from MGI
+Can we fix a UDMA133 H.D.D to Mercury G550 Notebook?
+Can the model KOB 694x FSX support HD beyond 60 Gb in Windows 98se?
+If my Broadband Router uses PPPoE, should I enable "Connect-on-demand"? What does it do?
+How to find the MAC Address of the LAN Card?
+How do I get the MAC address for my Broadband Router?
+How can I find out what Firmware version is on my Broadband Router?
+How can I configure the Broadband Router?


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