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+ What is Super HAD CCD sensor?
+What Kind of broadband do I need? How much bandwidth?
+How many cameras do I need?
+ What kind of cable should I use?
+What is the difference between Broadband VS dialup?
+What is a video capture card?
+What happens when there is power outage?
+What type of Operating System (OS) does the DVR use?
+How does the DVR connect to DSL or cable?
+Can several users view one site at once?
+How many sites can be viewed simultaneously?
+How long will the DVR store video?
+Can I record audio?
+Can I save video or images?
+Can I zoom in with a camera?
+Can the DVR report an alarm?
+Can I use my existing cameras?
+Can I view live and recorded video locally?
+Can I listen to live and recorded audio remotely?
+Can I view live and recorded video remotely?
+How does motion detection work? Through the camera or software?
+Why I don't hear any sound, but see a TV picture, when I use the audio cable?
+on starting the tv application, I always get the following error message:
+Why I use SATA HDD with Raid mode, but Windows XP could not find the HDD during the installation?
+Why the system could not boot up when I insert DDR module in DIMM2?


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