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+What about After Sales Services of online ups?
+How do I install my Online ups?
+Is Online ups better ?
+What type of topologies are employed in online ups configurations?
+Explain IP66 and IP67 ?
+How to reset the password of the DVR?
+How many users can simultaneously log on to DVR using Web Viewer or Triplex pro viewer?
+Why is it important to have WAN and LAN on the IP camera?
+Why is it important to have DDNS support in IP camera?
+Do you have cameras support wireless LAN?
+Do I need to have internet access to use the cameras?
+Can I save video from the IP camera?
+How much bandwidth does an IP Camera need?
+What is the difference between a web camera and an IP camera?
+Why can't the live video stream be viewed using a mobile phone or GSurf after changing the HTTP Port of the device?
+What is DDNS? Is it important for IP surveillance product to have DDNS support?
+Why can I not view the live video stream in Microsoft Internet Explorer?
+What are the major features to look for in network cameras?
+What is an IP camera?
+What is IP Camera Surveillance?
+How to choose a DVR for CCTV applications ?
+Can I pan & tilt without a zoom camera- or vice versa?
+What is a varifocal or zoom lens camera?
+can I remotely view or control PTZ camera functions from another location?
+How can I remotely view or control PTZ camera functions from another location?


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