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+Give the Resolutions of CIF, HD, and D1?
+Why D1 recorded resolution is so important ?
+How to improve Battery performance ?
+How to move data from Internal memory to SD Card?
+How to do Restore Factory Settings?
+What all USB dongles does mTAB support ?
+Can I play youtube videos?
+How to do Restore Factory Settings?
+Can I install Microsoft Windows on my tablet?
+Can I charge my Android tablet with the USB port?
+Can I upgrade the RAM in my tablet?
+Can I rotate the screen on my Android device?
+Can I watch videos on my Android device?
+Can I view my calendar and email offline with my Android device?
+Can I view animated GIF in Android
+what is the size of mTAB?
+How can i connect mouse and a keyboard?
+What all languages does mTAB support?
+What settings need to be done to connect to my wifi router?
+What is android market?
+What type of screen does mTAB have?
+What is mTAB?
+What is Dynamic or Transient Regulation of online ups?
+What is Static Regulation of online ups ?
+What is Load Crest Factor of online ups?


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