Online HP960C-S
Uninterruptible Power Supply


• Application: Small network, servers and other IT equipment • High frequency and double conversion on-line technology • Fully digitized microprocessor control • Wide input voltage range • UPS startup without battery • Cold start • Advanced battery management • Advanced battery charge in UPS off mode • Lightning and surge protection • Short circuit and surge protection • Fan speed auto control when loads varies • Optional extension battery pack • Load capacity display • Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software • Optional SNMP Card slot
Power 6KVA / 4200W
Voltage range 176 ±5VAC~276 ±5VAC
Frequency 46~54Hz ±0.5Hz, or 56~64Hz ±0.5Hz auto sensing
Input phase Single phase
Power factor 0.98
Voltage range 220VAC ±1%
Output phase Single phase
Frequency 50Hz ±0.2% (battery mode)
THD < 2% (Linear load)
Overload 105%~130% 10min turn to Bypass mode, > 130% 1s turn to Bypass mode
Crest factor 3:1 (max)
Waveform Pure sine wave
Transfer time 0ms (AC mode - Battery mode) 0ms (AC mode - Bypass mode)
Efficiency 88.00%
AC mode 5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer to Bypass, provide alarm.
Battery mode 5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm.
Bypass mode Input fuse blown or break action.
Battery Model 12V sealed lead acid maintenance free
DC voltage 240VDC
Configuration 20x 12V/8.2AH
Backup time 20min (half load) / 7min (full load)
Charge current 1A (standard unit) / 5A (long time unit)
Recharge time 90% capacity after 8hrs charging
Communication Interface RS232
Parallel Port Parallel availability for redundancy and load sharing up to three unit
LCD Indication Input voltage/frequency
LED Indication Green: normal operation; Yellow: warning condition Red: abnormal operation
Noise level 55dB
Temperature 0~40ËšC
Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)
Altitude < 1500m
Weight Net/Gross 89/104kg (standard unit)
Dimension (WxDxH) 270 x 570 x 720mm
Packaging (WxDxH) 370 x 670 x 940mm

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