Input Voltage 220VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz
Input Phase Single Phase
PowerCord Built-in Cable with Fuse
Input Voltage Range(May vary as per Country requirement) 140~300VAC
Rating Output 1500VA
Wave Form Battery Mode (Simulated sine Wave) AC Mode (Synchronize with Input)
Rating Voltage 220V
Output Range 220VAC - 11% to + 17% (Battery Mode)
Rear Output Socket 4x Universal - Battery Backup
Transfer Time Typical 4-8ms
Communication Interface Nil
Rating Frequency 50Hz
Line Mode Synchronize with the Utility
Battery Mode 50Hz±1Hz
Line Mode FUSE & Firmware Protection
Battery Mode Firmware Protection
<b>Overload Protection</b> 0
Line Mode 110%±5% (go to fault mode after 5 minutes) 120%±5% (go to fault mode immediately)
Battery Mode 85%±5% (shut down after 5 seconds) 100%±5% (shut down immediately)
<b>Battery and Runtime</b> 0
Rating 2x12V/8.2AH
Backup Time - Typical 30mins~40mins (Depending On Load)
Charging Current About 1A at Normal Mode
OverCharge Protection 29V±0.2V(Stop Charging) <27V ±0.5V(Recharge)
<b>Packaging</b> 0
Dimension(mm) 388x203x260
Master Carton(mm) 425x403x280
Packsize per Master Carton(mm) 2
<b>Input</b> 0
<b>Output</b> .
<b>Output Frequency</b> 0
<b>Short Circuit Protection</b> 0

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